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User Portal

Once you to your All-Mode Voice Hosted Portal (portal from here on in), your default landing spot will be the user portal in most cases.
This page gives you 8 sections across the top row that allow you to view and manage your phone profile.
User Portal Splash Page.PNG
User Portal - Home.PNG
The Home section gives you a brief list of your recent call history, current voicemail messages, your current answering rule, and a list of your active phones registered to your profile.
User Portal - Messages.PNG
The Messages tab shows your voicemails, internal chat messages, SMS messages from outside phones, as well as a settings tab that allows you to manage your greetings, voicemail settings, and notifications when you get a new message.
User Portal - Contacts.PNG
The contacts tab allows you to see and update both your system contacts, as well as adding or importing your own personal contacts to use in the portal.
User Portal - Answering Rules.PNG
The tab manages how and when your phone rings, including schedules and ringing to external phone numbers along with your extension to allow you the flexibility to use your phone when and how you want.
User Portal - Time Frames.PNG
Time Frames are your schedules, whether it is days of the week, holidays, or some custom schedule that fits your needs.
User Portal - Phones.PNG
The Phones tab lists your active phones, as well as having instructions on getting started with using the mobile app.
User Portal - MOH.PNG
Music on Hold gives you the option of having your own custom messages in and Music on Hold for those who call your phone.
User Portal - Call History.PNG
Call History allows you to sort through and view calls that you made or received, including adding contacts, listening to recordings if you have recorded calls, and click-to-call dialing people back.


You can manage two distinct groups of settings from your portal. The top rightmost name has a “My Profile” link in it’s submenu that allows you to update your name, email, portal password, and notification settings.
The slightly lower name (with your extension number after it) has a “Profile” link in it’s submenu that allows you to update your caller ID, timezone, and voicemail PIN code.


Finally you have access to several other apps (depending on your configuration) under the apps submenu. Each of these has a detailed help page linked below.

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